Maggie The Producer

Maggie is recognised as a music producer, who skilfully and patiently guides both the artist and the project. The resulting product is commercially viable and achieved within the budget.

Production credits include awards for Best Producer 2002 and Best Album 2002 presented by the Recording Industry Association, Queensland.

In the role of producer Maggie demonstrates expertise in the areas of Planning • Organizing • Scheduling • Problem Solving • Coordinating • Counselling • Resourcefulness • Budget Management • Communication Skills • Negotiation/Mediation Skills

Producer / Songwriter credits: Commercial Releases

cover340x340Honey” (What’s That All About) CD single 2009 artist Lesyah
Co-writer and Producer Maggie Britton

08 Honey (Whatz That All About)

Day In The Sun” 12 track CD album 2010 artist Lesyah
Co-writer and Executive Producer Maggie Britton

“Give It Up”

01 Give It Up

“I Survived You”

02 I Survived You

cover340x3402From The Desert To The Sea” award winning CD album 2002, artist Jason Lee Scott.
Co-writer and Producer Maggie Britton

“Dreamtime Avenue”

Artist Jason Lee Scott.Co-writer and Producer Maggie Britton. Dreamtime Avenue

Open Your Heart’

‘Drive Me Crazy” released June 2002 artist

Fumitaka Fuchigami.
Co-writer and Producer Maggie Britton

cover340x3403Cindy-Leigh Boske, from her Heaven’s Eyes album. Maggie produced the album and co-wrote the following songs:


Merry Go Round CD single 2006 artist Cindy-Leigh Boske. Co-writer and Producer Maggie Britton


Just You and Me award winning CD single 2004 artist Cindy-Leigh Boske. Co-writer and Producer Maggie Britton

Producer other

Michaela Ponting “I Will Wait For You”

Brooke Dee Lyndsay

Singer/Songwriter, XZEL Rap/Hip Hop (6 original tracks) 2004/2005

Eight-year-old Australian Boy Soprano Shaun Pryor. “In Your Imagination”(CD Single) (Unsigned) 2003

New Zealander Leesa Harpur, Actress (Zena Warrior Princess) and Singer (3 tracks on CD Album) (Auckland) (Through Universal Music) Release date Jan 02.

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