Vocal Coaching with Maggie Britton

I am now taking bookings for one-on-one video conference vocal coaching.

This can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home or studio.

When I see your face and observe your facial movements as you sing I will guide you to your best vocal sound.  Improvements will be noticed straight away.  In a few easy sessions your vocal tone, strength and range will have undergone a great change.

Vocal Coaching Australia

Improving your vocal sound is easier than you think.

The singer/performer is often referred to as the artist. Consider this for a moment.

  • the space around them is their canvas
  • the mind is the brush
  • the soul is the palate from which the colour of the performance is drawn
  • and the body is the frame

When the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects are in harmony then the performer’s potential is realised.

Whatever the performer can visualise and hear in the mind is achievable. If you have any doubt, be assured that with focus, dedication and confidence, the vision can be, should be and will be the reality. The goal is to bridge the gap, between the vision and reality. The diligent student has control over this aspect of their progress.

Enquire now via email (See below) and receive a free introductory Powerpoint presentation. I’ve been using this for years and my students love it!

    Vocal Coaching Australia: The course in detail

    This proven method of coaching has been developed specifically for singers aspiring to enter the music industry and is ideal for all singers and songwriters with a basic understanding of English. 

    All of the topics outlined in this manual are essential studies for all singers wishing to record and perform live concerts of international standard

    Coaching in Advanced Vocal Technique will;

    • Extend vocal range
    • Enhance tonal quality
    • Improve focus
    • Develop free effortless vocal delivery
    • Achieve an International sound


    Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. Knowing how to define your goals is the first step towards achieving them.

    Knowing what drives you and learning how to maintain motivation in high gear is the key to following through until you achieve your goals.

    • What is a goal?
    • Defining your goal
    • What is success?
    • Basic assessment


    Mastering the technical aspects of singing will ensure the correct use of your voice and fully develop the underlying potential.

    This is the foundation of a successful performance career.

    • Practice schedule
    • The miracle of vocal sound
    • The importance of correct posture
    • Warm up exercises
    • Let’s talk about breathing
    • Maintaining high position of rib cage
    • When, where and how-to breathe
    • Voice care and maintenance
    • The vowels, the key
    • Vowel sound modulation
    • Diphthongs
    • Words and their vowels sounds
    • Diction
    • Phonetics and articulation
    • Smoke and mirrors
    • Covering or rounding the tone
    • Tempo
    • Rhythm
    • Phrasing
    • Painting the picture
    • Multisyllabic words
    • Pitch control
    • Vibrato
    • Projecting ahead
    • Mind, body and spirit in harmony
    • Up tempo or Ballad
    • Emotion


    Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

    Taking care of the details will give your performance the professional polish required for the recording studio or on stage.

    • Choosing the right songs
    • Developing a repertoire
    • Learning the songs
    • Memorising lyrics
    • Visualisation
    • Live performance stage one
    • Criteria for song selection
    • Getting started
    • Special occasion or event
    • Competition
    • Rehearse in the mind
    • Pre performance ritual
    • During the performance
    • After the performance/saying thank you
    • Auditions
    • Every experience is a good experience
    • Live performance stage two
    • Criteria for song selection
    • Occasions and events
    • Competitions and festivals
    • Checking out the venue
    • Choosing a theme for live performance
    • Acknowledging songwriters
    • Fear, let’s face it
    • Symptoms
    • Common fears
    • Causes and remedies
    • Speaking to an audience


    Performance relies not only on talent, but also on the image projected and the mood created.

    Learn how to blend all these aspects into a cohesive whole.

    • Image
    • Visual and implied image
    • Costume synergy
    • Choreography
    • Rehearse in the mind
    • Pre performance ritual
    • After the show
    • Saying thank you


    Talent alone will not get you where you want to go if you do not have the confidence to perform at your best and to sell yourself to both the audience and the industry.

    Learn the secrets to having confidence in any situation.

    Vocal Coaching Australia

    Maggie Britton: Vocal Coaching Australia

    Enquire now and receive a free introductory Powerpoint presentation. I’ve been using this for years and my students love it!

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      Video conferences can be held via Zoom or Skype.