Jason Lee Scott

A Few Words From The Artist

‘Jason Lee Scott’                        

                                                                            Writer, Singer & Musician

     Q: “Tell us about your album

     ‘From The Desert To The Sea’.”

A: The songs are about the love of family, country, cultural heritage and peace.   Each one is deeply personal. I’m really pleased and proud that this album received awards for ‘Best Indigenous Album’ and the big one ‘Album Of The Year’ 2002 from the Queensland Recording Industry Association. I have to thank my co-writer, vocal coach, Producer and mentor Maggie Britton who made all of this possible. Maggie was awarded ‘Producer of the Year’ for this album.


One of the stand out tracks is ‘It Starts With You And Me’. It seems to be a real favourite with a lot of people including everyone at the Deadly Vibe office in Sydney. They say, among other complimentary things that “this song is a call to arms for peace lovers every where”. That sure is the intention. The only real and lasting way to overcome hatred is love. Maybe I’m preaching but I don’t care because I’m determined to do my bit towards reconciliation and a more peaceful world.


Another song that I would really like to mention, recently won a major award in the Queensland Recording Industry Awards. The song titled ‘Good Old Days’ was based on an original song by my late uncle Michael Miller who sadly passed away before he had the opportunity to hear how his idea was then developed into a popular commercial song.

I suppose that you could say this album ‘From The Desert To The Sea’ records the experiences past and present of a young modern Aborigine—that’s me.

I am passionate about my music and I can’t wait to share it with everyone”.


How did you feel being made an Ambassador for  ‘National Youth Week’?

“I was blown away to be honest and it took a couple of days to really sink in. I mean like, here am I on the first maybe second rung of the ladder being chosen for this honor in the company of two high profile and successful mainstream acts ‘Scandalous’ and Rock group the ‘Super Jesus’.

I have worked at achieving my dream of becoming a successful professional musician since I was thirteen years old and I’m really happy right now because I can feel the dream becoming a reality. National Youth Week was a great opportunity to share my experience and to encourage other young people to follow their dream.


What advice would you give to other young writers?  “I’ve got few little gems I’ve picked up along the way but the best one comes from a famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who was giving a speech on success. He said there were just three simple rules to remember. First, never give up, second, never give up and third, never give up. Jason went on to say “Like everyone I have my down and doubting days but they don’t last because my brain now understands that my heart is committed and will never give up.

What do you think is the most important issue for young people today and why?

The world is changing so rapidly these days and this is contributing to feelings of insecurity in everyone but particularly in young people. I think many young people are concerned about their physical safety and future financial security.

What issues are you most passionate about and why?

I am passionate about many issues personal as well as the big issues and you can worry yourself sick trying to find answers.

Here’s the solution that works for me.  I reckon the way to measure any action, is the good old ‘Golden Rule’ that I was taught ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ Like, if you wouldn’t like it why the hell do it to someone else. Now even governments can use the same rule. It applies to everything.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would make this world a peaceful place.